Meet Some of the Drain Wizards Machinery

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We’d like to introduce you to some of the Drain Wizards machinery, in particular some of our equipment that has environmental features included so our environmental impact is reduced.

Recycler – Recycles water so we don’t have to keep filling up when jetting large drains on bigger sites. This is more environmentally friendly as uses less water and also improves production on site.

Septic Tank Emptying in Chippenham

Tanker – Empties septic tanks, wet wells, cess pits, pump stations and treatment plants. This can hold 2000 gallons of waste. Being such large capacity means we can make multiple collections from different sites, reducing our fuel usage and therefore our carbon emissions.

Septic Tank Emptying in Chippenham

For more information about our drain jetting service or our septic tank emptying, please get in touch.

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