Patch Liner Repair

As a repair process, drain lining has been in use for many years.

Initially it was developed to renovate large diameter main sewers. It is now an extremely popular method of repairing smaller diameter domestic drains in the UK.

It is generally cheaper, less disruptive and cleaner to line a drain than to renew it, involving little if any disturbance of the ground on which the drain is laid.


Innovations in Drain Lining

Drain liners have been created which can be applied around bends without wrinkling – a major drawback in the past, especially in 100mm diameter drains. They have also been developed to change diameter part way along a drain and then revert to the original dimensions further down the line.


Patch Liners – The Cost Effective Alternative

Patch liners can be used to repair localised damage where full end-to-end lining would be unnecessary. This method involves placing a piece of impregnated matter on an elongated inflatable bladder and guiding it into place with the help of a CCTV camera. When it is precisely located, the bladder is inflated, pressing the patch into place.

The pressure is maintained until the patch has cured, the bladder is then deflated and withdrawn, and the job is done. Patch liners are becoming increasingly popular for dealing with isolated defects, offering a cost-effective alternative to a full liner or other repair.

drain clearance specialists
drain clearance specialists

Pitch Fibre Re-Rounding

Pitch-fibre drainage systems have been haunting the professionals and the general public for many years.

Previously the only option available for remedial action was excavation, both costly and time consuming. However, recent advancements now mean that deformed or de-laminated pitched fibre can be repaired in-situ, thus making significant savings in time and therefore cost.

The diagram shows how partially collapsed pitch fibre pipes can be re-rounded without resorting to excavation.

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drain clearance specialists


Lateral cutters are designed for cutting away concrete and other hard or cementitious material from within pipe sections

drain clearance specialists


Properties that have trees and other vegetation growing nearby are prone to having their drainage systems invaded by roots.

drain clearance specialists


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As a repair process, drain lining has been in use for many years. Initially it was developed to renovate large diameter main sewers.