Standard Gutter Cleaning Service

The primary role of the gutter is to direct rainfall away from the buildings down into pipes, protecting the outside and foundations of the building from damage. Overtime gutters get built up with moss, leaves and general debris.

Once the gutter is full the primary function of draining the water fails to work. Cleaning the gutters twice a year can help avoid costly repairs if they are not done. Here at Drainwizards we have our own gutter vacuum equipment, perfect for keeping your gutter in an ideal working condition.

The gutter cleaning process consists of three steps, a survey, the vacuuming and then finish it off with the high level pressure wash.

An initial survey is undertaken to establish which areas of the guttering need cleaning.

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Using CCTV we view the length of the gutter which allows us to find the areas that are most affected with a build up of debris and dirt.

The next step is gutter vacuuming.

This is undertaken by adding the appropriate head to the vacuum and extending it up to the gutter. Our drain clearance specialists then proceed to move the vacuum along the gutter cleaning to the affected areas. The gutter cleaning vacuum is built using an alloy that maintains its strength whilst staying light weight.

The final process is high pressure washing. Water is passed through the gutter at a high pressure to remove pieces of debris and dirt that the vacuum couldn’t pick up. Cleaning the guttering as well as vacuuming removes the majority of all the dirt and allows the gutter to work efficiently.

We use the GutterVac 4200 to clean guttering. This is the most popular professional use gutter cleaning machine. It boasts a reach of up to 65′ meaning we have no problem cleaning guttering of most domestic and commercial buildings throughout Swindon, Bath, Chippenham and further afield.

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